On life.

Friday! Yay!! I think every week should be a two-day-holiday and three-day-work kind of week. It’s been lovely. The Christmas decorations finally came down, Husband hunted the last few days of the season, and I’ve slept in my own bed twenty of the last twenty-two days (91%!!). I’m certain that’s a record for this past year. And I have three more nights before it’s time to hit the road again. I’m almost ready to go again – this is a good thing… Serop’s is calling my name. Anyway. On to the pictures! Follow me if you’d like: Instagram or Flickr.


Ikea happiness. I ate all three. Oops.

Shelves of mason jars!

Shelves of beautiful [overpriced] mason jars at Knitting Mill Antiques. Perfect rainy day. Also found an awesome Hwy 27 sign. Growing up, Hwy 27 was our main road, and led to all sorts of lovely places (aka, out of town). Quite a nostalgic reminder.


Blackbird coffee. Best.coffee.ever. Really. Especially when enjoyed with a ratty copy of Les Miserables, a cinnamon roll, and Husband. Glorious.

It's here!! #firstsewingmachine #whatdoidonow

My first sewing machine. Ever. I love it. I learned how to do the bobbin, thread the darn thing, and sew stitches. I made a scarf (which Husband said needed more detail because it looked like a pillowcase). I also bought a pattern for an “easy” shirt that’s now quite intimidating. Oh, and I started a Pinterest board. I have high hopes for this little machine.

#shereadstruth | Our joy - that joy lurking in the bottom of your heart, muffled by all the cares and worries of everyday, is for The Lord alone - He is perfect, unchanging, almighty, full of love, grace, and compassion. Our joy is not dependent on our [o

SheReadsTruth and the Fresh Start study have been such a blessing these past few days. Join us?

A dog and his toy. #beautifulthing #lazydoglife

This guy spends all his days sleeping, snoring, and otherwise being lazy. He’s awesome.

Linking up with Life Rearranged and From My Grey Desk. Join us!

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One thought on “On life.”

  1. Enjoy your sewing machine!! I got my first a couple years ago and love it! Don’t be intimidated just jump in – best way to learn!! Look up some no pattern tutorials too. I hate patterns ;) they’re easier too.

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