Happy birthday, ‘Merica!

Okay, so the headline is a joke. No, really. I know how to spell America. And I know how to say America. But it’s so much more fun to go George W. Bush on our beloved homeland. So, happy birthday, ‘Merica!

Our 4th of July was lovely. I hope your’s was, too. Seeing as how we’re on vacation this week, we spent the day at the beach, the pool, baking a flag cake (!), grilling hamburgers, watching fireworks with friends, and laughing.

Underlying our restful, enjoyable day was a gratefulness to be an American – proud of our heritage and conscious of the cost at which that heritage was established. Every flag, every pop of fireworks, and every moment of lighthearted laughter were underscored by the gratefulness for freedom to celebrate this day. May we continue in that freedom!

Justin’s amazing hamburgers

Per lb of Ground Chuck

1 T [Crystal] hot sauce
1 T A1
1 T Garlic Powder
2 T Minced Onions

Grill over charcoal. Enjoy with cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickles, etc. Guard your plate. Eat two.

flag cake

{Hidden} Flag Cake

Inspired by 17 and Baking and Glorious Treats

A few months ago, I found this idea via Pinterest and decided 4th of July on vacation was the perfect excuse to make such a treat! Both of the sites above have really good explanations of the process. I’ll add mine to the mix, but really encourage you to visit those links if you’re interested in making the cake.

You’ll need two or three cake mixes (I just used the box kind – if you have your own white cake mix, you could certainly use it) and plenty of food coloring. One cake will be white, one will be red, and one will be blue. I baked two of the white cakes (one box of mix makes two 8″ round cakes), and then split the batter from the second mix in half and colored one half with red food coloring and the other with blue. Bake these with enough time to cool completely before icing.

Once your layers are finished, cut the white layer in half horizontally, and cut the red layer in half horizontally. Starting from the bottom, add one of the white layers, then add icing and add one of the red layers (add more icing). Next, take the blue cake and cut a round hole from the middle. {I used the lid from the butter as a guide – anything round will work, though.} Add this layer to your cake. Next, stack the remaining red and white layers on top of one another and cut the same size hole in the middle. Add the middle of the white layer to the cake (in the middle of the hole in the blue layer) and add icing. Add the middle of the red layer to the cake next, and add icing to the top and sides of the cake.

There you have it! Looks like a typical two-layer cake from the outside, and delights with a flag on the inside when cut!! I was so excited to be baking something (it’s been quite awhile!), and could barely contain my excitement when it was time to serve dessert. I used the cream cheese icing from 17 and baking‘s post, and it was amazing. Really amazing.

{I’m linking up with Katy at scottyboy and katygirl¬†and Kim at A Cuppa Kim for a 4th of July party!}

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14 thoughts on “Happy birthday, ‘Merica!”

  1. those burgers sound FABULOUS! :)
    and that cake turned out awesome! i would not have been ambitious enough to try it – but it sounds easy enough! i feel like i need to put it on my agenda! :)

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